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ENGLISH GRAMMAR Unit 2 Present simple (I do). GRAMÁTICA INGLESA- Lección 2 Presente simple

We use the preset simple to talk about things in general.

I/we/you/they = drive/work/do  etc ...

he/she/it = drives/works/does  etc ...

We use it to say that something happens all the time or repeatedly, or that something is true in general

I usually go away at weekends

We use do/does to make questions and negative sentences

do I/we/you/they  work?
does he /she /it  work?

I/we/you/they  don´t work
he/she/it  doesn´t work

What does this word mean?

I don´t go away very often

We use the present simple to say how often we do things

I get up at 8 o´clock every morning


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